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Flyer Printing

Hotpaper provides superior and cost effective flyer printing solutions. With the support of an experienced team, we are widely regarded for its fast turnaround without sacrificing quality and earning the loyalty of satisfied customers from PJ, KL, Selangor and even whole peninsular Malaysia.

Our available printing products including flyers printing (1 color to full color print), leaflets printing, brochures printing, catalogues printing, corporate folders printing, name cards printing, business cards printing, bill books printing including invoice print, delivery order print (DO), purchase order print (PO), receipt books print etc., letterheads printing, envelopes printing, vouchers printing, bookmarks printing, paper bags printing, newsletters printing, booklets printing, greeting cards printing, postcards printing and many mores prints...

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Inkjet Flyer Malaysia,Insert Flyer Malaysia

Bill Book Printing 单簿
Letterhead Printing 信纸
Envelope Printing 信封
Folder 文件夹
Business Card 名片
Booklet 信封
Brochure 宣传册
Paperbag 宣传册
Brochure 纸袋
Bookmark 书签
Greeting Card 贺卡
Voucher 固本

Offset Printing - Flyer Printing
One Colour Flyer Printing 单色
Two Colour Flyer Printing 双色
Full Colour Flyer Printing 彩色

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